Buxton RFC Wish You a Merry Christmas

Christmas Reunion at Cavendish

The Buxton Rugby Club (Veterans Group – Affiliated) had a reunion at the Cavendish Clubhouse earlier this week.
There was some alcohol involved and no doubt some singing – particularly with a Welsh Referee in the group!

Franchisee Steve Meyer was a regular player and also ran the BRFU clubhouse for a while and so suggested starting the night at Cavendish.

Apparently the reunion started there and was expected to move on, but as the evening was cold and the clubhouse was ‘toasty warm’, the rufty-tufty rugby players decided not to change into their shorts and brave the weather, but to stay inside and enjoy themselves!

Many BRFC ex members are also Cavendish GC members, but there was one notable omission – past Buxton Rugby Captain, Pat Campbell – something to do with Zulu Warriers!
It must be a ritual of some sort …
PHOTO: Buxton Rugby Club (early 80’s) Back Row – 2nd from left Pat Campbell, Front Row – 3rd  from left Steve Burton.

Our own Suzanne’s brother, Marcus Saville, is 5th from left in front row.
Suzanne is the shining star of the Cavendish Clubhouse Bar.

Can anyone recognise any other players from the photos?




Oh and rumour has it that this latecomer was also a BRFC Member …

Any ideas who it could be?





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  1. Steve Burton
    Steve Burton says:

    It was a great night. Good to see some old friends and share stories over a ” few ” beers !
    Hopefully some may come and join us at the Cavie and start a golfing career !
    Apparently we are doing it again in the better weather and next time there may be a chance to get some of them swinging a club !


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