Winter League Results 9/2/19

Windy or what?

Our own Weather Eagle, Garry, FOREcasted a windy Saturday and he was once again ‘bob on’. There were a few spots of rain, but it was mostly dry for the 60 members who played.
The course looked in remarkably good condition after all the snow we’d had; and the ground was also surprisingly dry – again as predicted by Garry and who observed that the water table was still very low.

Thanks to Simon who has just sent the final results electronically so that members can see their results without having to visit the club. They will also be posted to the Cavendish Facebook and Twitter pages.

The main image was taken 2 years back when Simon broke his arm … he got a lot of sympathy at the time as you can see but is completely recovered.
Please note – NO Professional was hurt in the creation of the story!

Will the real Beverly Wilson please ‘come out’ and make himself known to the committee?

Young Beverly McWilson and youthful Graham Parker will be very pleased with the results, although, not so much Gary Cannon who lost to Beverly on a card play off!

Special congratulations to Ben Bradbury who came 3rd in Division 2 on a card play off and who managed to score on EVERY HOLE for the first time .. and played with the SAME BALL for the first time too! Well done Ben – no doubt your Dad and Sister will be claiming ‘bragging rights!’

Also worth mentioning is Bobby Clark who had brilliant knock playing in Beverly’s match. There was great excitement when he chipped-in for a TWO on the 15 for a bag of points!

“I chipped-in for 2 on the 15th you know!”

Anyway the results were as follows:

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