Winter League Hole-in-One

‘Roving Reporter’ failed to report

Yesterday’s Winter League 4BBB was once again blest with great weather and greens running much quicker than they have for some months.

The consequence was a large and enthusiastic field who scored really well.
It was no good thinking you’d done well with 32 points off 13 holes (exactly as Pat and myself did as we smugly breezed into the clubhouse) only to find a 33 and 34 already feeding their faces on the most delicious Italian Style mushrooms!! How does Ricardo make his food sooo delicious?

In the event we only managed 8th position and 34 points became so yesterday’s news!
Hey Ho!
Congratulations to Andy and Ben Bradbury who came first, Mike & Lee Oakes second with plucky Steve Whalley and our own Roving Reporter Alan ‘Santa’ Webster coming third. – all with 34 points

Alan got a hole in one on the 4th – sadly no pictures when they’re really needed … but the whiskey on the bar was very welcome.

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