St David’s Day!

Dave’s ‘Dream’ Team

The ever-popular 10am roll up regulars will know of a certain retired fireman who has a really nice trait! He is Aldi’s best customer and Cavendish’s best distributor of ‘Dream Bars’ as he leaves thoughtful sweet treats for following roll up golfers to find.

Saint David’s Dreams

Dave tends to leave the bars on the tee and it is always a nice surprise to find them.
If you happen to be playing with Dave, he will generously open his multipack of Dream Bars and offer you two. However, If you happen to be a past Stockport County professional footballer he always squeezes a third out of Dave as they walk down the 16th!

So as yesterday was St David’s Day, it seems fitting we should share this story about our very own Saint. Thanks Dave from all the grateful recipients of your generosity!

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