Rob’s Hole In One

Sutton Coldfield ‘tourers’ bring some West Midlands ‘magic’ to Buxton

Cavendish is once again playing host to a very select group of members from ‘Sunny Sutton Coldfield GC’.
Cavendish and Sutton Coldfield are both part of the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail and each attract members to play each other’s course.

This time 17 SCGC members have travelled to Buxton for a three day feast of Cavendish challenge and wall-to-wall sunshine.

Sunday was the first day and it was made EXTRA SPECIAL with one of the party scoring a ‘Hole In One’.
Plucky Rob Hinton knocked-in a peach on the short 15th with a cheeky little 7 iron.

On returning to the clubhouse to much applause from members and visitors alike, Rob was quickly relieved of a few quid for a large bottle of Scotch for anyone who wanted to celebrate with him!
Rob is quite used to holes in one – this is his 4th, but as he said ‘everyone is special!’

The guys are staying at the prestigious Lee Wood Hotel just a 5 minutes from Cavendish and can’t wait for day 2 and more of that SCGC sunshine!

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