No meaningful rain!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

It’s that time of year where we sit between seasons. It can feel like summer is almost here, but then we get a nagging reminder that winter has quite given up. The week ahead will be more like the latter, with rather cool conditions prevailing into early April.

Saturday will be rather cloudy overall, and there may be a little rain in the air, but amounting to practically nothing. A slight west/northwesterly breeze 5 to 8mph. Quite cool, rising from 3C at dawn, up to 9 or 10C by the middle of the day.

Sunday is expected to start chilly – frosty if skies fully clear overnight. A dry and bright day with lots of sunshine. The breeze switches to the east, 10-15mph. Feeling cool, only reaching 7C.

Next week will be a classic April story of sunshine, beefy showers, and a risk of frost. Temperatures will struggle to feel genuinely warm, mostly stuck in single figures, 6 to 9C by day in Buxton, and dipping toward freezing or just below some nights. Snow may fall at times, briefly lying on the hills, but soon gone again. Some days will escape mostly dry, so it will be a case of choosing wisely at short notice!

Total rainfall for the week should be around 10-15mm or less, falling in showery bursts of a couple of millimetres at a time, but large rainfall totals look unlikely in the next week.

As a brief aside, the recent rains should have eased fears of drought into early summer at least. The water table is still quite low, which is why the golf course has quickly dried out again. Water resources have topped up nicely. Here’s an image from last week at Ladybower, contrasted with the scene from last November.

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