Cavendish Rocks

And yet another rockery discovered!

We’ve all seen the amazing results of Stuart Robinson and Mick Connolly’s hard graft in clearing the vegetation to reveal the spectacular original rockeries on the entrance to the club, outside the proshop and by the air machine. Well now there’s yet another NEW ONE on the entrance to the car park!

Working on the finishing touches yesterday (expertly supervised by Rachel), Mick and Stuart were putting ‘marketing into action’.
We all know that first and last impressions count … and the excellent work being done on these rockeries will certainly reinforce the experience for visitors and members alike when arriving at the club and on leaving the 18th green.

Once a small conifer has been removed the view of the course overlooking the 18th green, fairways all the way up to the 16th tee and great view of the 7th green and fairway, will all be opened up.

Really GREAT imaginative work by our super volunteers to enhance the club – many thanks guys … oh and of course Rachel for the supervision!

If you can spare some time on a Tuesday, the CMTVWP now meets each week to help Warwick and the greens team complete their well planned work schedules before the season starts.

What’s CMVWP I hear you ask – well obviously, the Cavendish Members Tuesday Voluntary Work Party course! Everyone who’s anyone is a CMTVWP Member!

Just look at these course images taken yesterday – this is what we have to look forward to in just 2 months when the season starts! Can’t wait …


Stuart Robinson and Mick Connolly have been approached by Tony Robinson from Time Team, to pass on archeological tips and to explain to viewers the importance of rockeries to golf clubs. The TV crews are expected imminently!

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