Garry’s Masters FOREcast

Chilly but dry in Buxton; humid then stormy in Augusta

There’s plenty more dry weather ahead for our part of the world this weekend and into next week, as high pressure over Scandinavia stays in charge. April showers may begin to develop toward Easter weekend, but it’s a long way off to get the detail for now.

For the time being, east to southeasterly winds will prevail, which will make things feel rather chilly again. Air temperatures of 7 to 10 Celsius at Buxton will feel closer to freezing. With any shelter from the wind overnight, a frost is likely, as values dip to around zero.

Sunshine will be best on Saturday, although cloud will build a little through the day, and Sunday could then be cloudier in general.

The wind will be quite brisk, between 10 and 20mph, so adding a couple of clubs onto our tough long holes on the back 9 in particular.

Over the other side of the pond at Augusta, things are a classic springtime story of building humidity and a threat of storms developing. Heading into Masters weekend, the heat builds to 30C on Saturday, before the threat of storms really increases into Sunday, by afternoon and evening especially. 

A severe storm complex is due to move out of Texas across the deep south, which could be enough to delay proceedings in Georgia. If they have to go into Monday to complete the tournament, things will have cleared to brighter and fresher conditions by then.

Garry’s Radio Broadcasts
As part of Garry’s professional work, he is advising the Mountain Weather Information Service in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.
Yesterday he recorded an interview with the Paul Hudson Weather Show due to air over the weekend on BBC local radio across Yorkshire.
So tune in to local BBC radio if you would like to hear Garry.

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