Garry’s latest FOREcast

Weekend FOREcast – Sunshine and showers!
Our weather patterns are still dominated by low pressure, so keep a brolly handy, and watch out for local heavy downpours this weekend. A bit warmer, but nothing special!
Total rainfall across Derbyshire, the Midlands and Pennines in the next few days will be fairly small, so if your course is drying up after this week’s deluges, at least it will be playable over the weekend. Local downpours may give 5-10mm, but many places will see less. Soft ground should make for good scores, so attack those pins!

Saturday: Starting largely dry across Derbyshire. A front over Wales will edge slowly eastwards bringing thickening cloud, and patchy rain, probably before the middle of the day for the Peak District. Some local heavy bursts of rain are possible during the afternoon, and a local thunderstorm can’t be ruled out. Winds from the south, 10-15mph, becoming gusty ahead of rain. Temperatures rising from 9 or 10C early morning, to a high of 15C at Buxton.

Sunday: A day of sunshine and scattered showers. Some places will miss these completely, but again some local downpours are possible, with isolated thunder by the afternoon. A brisk southwesterly breeze, 15 to 20mph. Temperatures 15 or 16C by afternoon.

Next week: A mixed pattern continues, but on balance it is better than the past week. Could it be much worse?! Monday will stay breezy with scattered showers, but by Tuesday it looks generally dry. Midweek presents complications with the risk of some further rain coming up from the south. By Thursday it’s back to breezy showers and sunshine, then it tentatively looks drier for Friday and next weekend. Temperatures a bit warmer, but no heatwave, highs 16 to 19C in Buxton.

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