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Drying out

After several weeks of mediocre weather, things have improved this week with the return of warm sunshine greeting Wednesday’s golfers in particular!

The outlook is decent too, with mostly dry conditions forecast for the week ahead. However, it will feel rather cool at times, and some overnight frost is expected.

After a mild day on Friday, a cold front will come through on Friday evening, giving a little rain, most likely just a couple of millimetres, so shouldn’t cause any problems.

Saturday looks fairly cloudy, but some sunshine should break through at times and the day will be dry. It will feel cool though – temperatures rising from around 3C first thing to a high of only 8C by afternoon. Not too much wind at least, a northwesterly at 5 to 8mph.

Sunday also stays dry overall, just a small chance of a brief shower in the afternoon. A chilly start, with slight frost at dawn. Reaching 7 or 8C again but feeling cool with a westerly breeze around 10mph.

Next week maintains the cool theme at first, with overnight slight frosts, although air temperatures will barely fall below zero Celsius. Daytime temperatures should improve through the week, from 8 to 12C, perhaps a few degrees warmer with time. High pressure will be in charge, so it stays generally dry. Low humidity and strengthening sunshine means the ground will have plenty of chance to dry out.

By the very end of the month, indications favour things changing again to become more unsettled, but we’ll have to wait and see how badly! Early thoughts for April look reasonable, probably leaning to the drier side of average.

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