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Turbulent times

Cavendish Weather FOREcast, prepared exclusively by Garry Nicholson
Issued: Thursday 7th February, 21:00

Winter is toying with us at the moment, as snow comes and goes over the Peak District from day to day! The weekend maintains this mixed picture, but things look quieter into next week.

Wet and windy weather will lead us into the weekend, with some heavy rain on Friday, giving us another half inch of rain, 10-15mm. This added to about 20mm from Thursday means things will be rather wet underfoot. However, following a ‘dry January’ the water table is still quite low, so the ground should cope fairly well. We need the rain though, otherwise we could have drought problems again by the summer. 

Winds will be gale force over the Peak District throughout Friday and Friday night – south/southwesterly, then westerly, gusting over 40-50mph at times even at Buxton level, whilst over the hill tops, wind speeds will top 60-70mph, probably peaking toward dawn on Saturday.

Saturday:  Wild winds, bursts of rain

A very windy day, with overnight gales continuing at first, easing down slowly through the day, but staying blustery even toward sunset. Pulses of heavy rain will also come in from the west, which may set in for an hour or so in the morning, whilst by afternoon it should be more showery, with a little sun trying to break through. Top temperature 6C, feeling close to freezing in the wind.

Sunday:  Colder, wintry showers

A colder day, but not as windy as the gales become focused on southern Britain. However, we do have the risk of some fresh snowfall, as clusters of showers come in from the west. A finely balanced mix of hill snow and rain, but may well give another covering. Clusters of wintry showers probably continue into the night, to give a risk of ice on Monday morning. Some drier periods are likely. Max 2 to 4C.

Next Week:  Often dry, some frost and fog

As high pressure starts to build, our weather becomes more settled, with probably very little rain for the week as a whole. Occasional sun, perhaps a lot of cloud. Chilly nights with frost on the clearer nights, and fog possible. Daytime temperatures typically 5 to 7C.

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