Garry’s latest FOREcast

A welcome window of good weather!

A cool air mass originating over Greenland affects the country heading into the weekend, so it won’t be warm in the short term. Things are due to warm up though as the airflow switches southeasterly by Sunday onward, with increasingly warm and humid air moving across England.

Saturday: A chilly start, possible ground frost around dawn, and in single digits for the early starters. A dry day with a good amount of sunshine. Again just a low risk of a very isolated brief shower in the afternoon, but nothing of note. A gentle southerly breeze, 4 to 7mph. A fresh day, but a touch warmer overall, up to 18C by afternoon.

Sunday: Things are beginning to change again, as humidity rises. Most or all day should be dry, but through the afternoon there’s an increasing risk of cloud building to give local patches of rain, and later a chance of heavier showers. By evening and night, thundery rain is expected to spread north across much of England, although the worst of this very hit and miss. Some places getting 25 to 40mm in a few hours. An easterly wind will strengthen, to 20-25mph perhaps later. Daytime highs nearing 20C.

Next week: The main difference to recent times will be a much more humid feel, and warmer temperatures overall. Mostly into the 20s Celsius, and some places in the Midlands and south of England will likely top 30C on some days. However, it won’t be glorious summer weather, because there will be an ever present risk of thundery downpours. Day-to-day variations, with some days escaping dry, whilst others could be very wet. Keep a close eye on forecasts, because they will chop and change. It still looks a struggle to find ‘good’ summer weather, but things do look warmer for a period even into early July.

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