Garry’s latest FOREcast

Some rain ahead

Spring has very much sprung and the golf course has come to life with growth in recent weeks. We could just do with a drop of rain now to get the grass to grow well and get everything in perfect shape for the summer ahead!

And there is some rain in the forecast this week, as low pressure moves over the British Isles, bringing more unsettled conditions to close out May.

Saturday will be fine until evening, then there’s a chance of a little drizzly rain. A more organised band of rain will move through during Sunday morning, giving small but useful amounts, 2-3mm probably. This will clear to give a bright and breezy afternoon.

Bank Holiday Monday is likely to begin mainly dry, but showers will gather together, and by the middle of the day onward rain is likely to become more frequent, with scope for some heavy bursts, 5mm or perhaps a bit more. Top temperature around 15C.

The rest of the week looks changeable and on the cool side. Tuesday and Wednesday look fairly dry, but a few showers are possible. A more organised batch of rain is expected by about Wednesday nightinto Thursday. If all goes to plan, things should become drier and warmer again in time for next weekend.

Longer range thoughts into June favour drier weather being more common again. The early part of the month could maintain mixed conditions, perhaps a warm spell followed by thunder. The middle and later stages of June show greater signs of drier weather dominating, but of course this must be treated cautiously, as long range forecasts can change!

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