Garry’s latest FOREcast

A mixed bag

The weather is in a complex and indecisive mood at the moment. This is quite common during the springtime, and is due to slack pressure patterns across the British Isles. We’ve had a taste of summer again in the past few days, but this is disappearing for a while. There’s nothing excessively warm in the forecast in the days ahead, but it’s not looking too bad!

There’s some rain around this weekend and early next week, mostly in the form of showers, but with light winds these will be quite slow-moving. It means the showers will be quite hit and miss, but where they do form, there’s a risk of rain on and off for a few hours, with possible heavy bursts. However, there’s also a good chance of many hours remaining dry, so I’d pack a brolly, but always remain optimistic!

Some sunshine will break through, but skies will be often cloudy, and especially in the mornings there is a risk of hill fog over the Peak District.

Light north to northeasterly winds will prevail this weekend and into next week, rarely causing any problems for play.

Maximum temperatures for several days ahead in Buxton will be around 15 Celsius, but during showers it all be cooler. With a lot of cloud, we won’t be seeing any frost, minima around 6 to 9C.

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