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Back to ‘normal’!

A poor Saturday is on the cards!

After a glorious Easter weekend, things have gone with a bang over the past day or so as thunderstorms drifted north across Britain. Much needed rain has returned, and will continue into the weekend as weather systems steam in from the Atlantic.

Spells of rain during Friday daytime, and again into the later Friday evening will give about 7-10mm in 24 hours.

Another weather system is due to arrive in the small hours of Saturday, which will give rain on and off at least into Saturday morning, but the threat of rain setting in over a number of hours to make things rather miserable. Even into the afternoon, clusters of heavy and possibly thundery showers are likely, accompanied by brisk northwesterly winds.

Totals of 10-15mm are possible through Saturday. The ground should cope with this given recent dry conditions. It will help the grass to grow at least! Temperatures will be nothing special, only managing 5 to 8C during the daytime. What a change to last weekend!

Sunday looks a relatively better day, although with some uncertainty – there’s still a chance of some rain coming back in, so keep an eye out for changes! Not warm, but it should make it past 10C.

Into next week, things look like becoming quiet again, with higher pressure building back in, but on the cool side heading for early May. Temperatures not likely to return to recent warmth for the time being. A touch of frost on some nights remains possible. Indications further into May look fairly dry.

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