Garry’s latest FOREcast

Weekend FOREcast – Blustery and cool with showers

After another soaker on Friday and Friday night, things will be somewhat better this weekend, with bright, breezy conditions – a mix of sunshine and a few showers.

Another inch of rain will likely have fallen in 24 hours by dawn on Saturday, so things will be rather wet underfoot, but much of Saturday will escape dry. A few passing showers are to be expected, which over an hour or so may be frequent, but there will be plenty of dry weather through the day.

Sunday has a greater risk of showers, spreading from the west from early in the day, and a scattering blowing through on a stiff breeze through the afternoon. Monday will be pretty similar too, with a familiar mix of sun and showers, perhaps some frequent rain over a couple of hours. Total rainfall over 3 days around 3-8mm, depending on frequency of showers.

The wind will be brisk over the next few days, west to southwesterlies, adding a couple of clubs to shots into the wind. Speeds 15-20mph, occasionally stronger later Saturday and early on Sunday. The Peak District hill tops may gust gale force for periods.

Temperatures will stay nothing special, highs of 16 to 18C over the weekend, and feeling cooler in the wind. Overnight lows around 10C.

Further into next week, Tuesday looks a better day, before Wednesday may become dull and damp again. Mixed conditions may prevail beyond that, but some indications are looking more optimistic for the later stages of August, as high pressure starts to rebuild around the British Isles. Temperatures probably climbing back to respectable levels around the 20C mark, and there’s a chance of a few much warmer days before month end. 

I wouldn’t go all out for an Indian summer just yet though, because some indications for the start of September look shaky. However, often these poor spells through August do tend to lead into some more benign weather heading into early autumn, so it won’t surprise me to see a quiet spell of weather further into September or even October.

For now, we’re stuck with a few more changeable days yet.

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