Club Team Championship

Cavendish hosts England Golf qualifier earlier today

Course Manager, Warwick Manning and his team were out bright ad early to make sure the course was at its best.
The famous Cavendish greens received a final cut and vibro roll this morning ensuring all competitors were ‘suitably challenged!’
As custodians of such a special MacKenzie course, the greens team take great pride in presenting their ‘charge’ as best they possibly can.

England Golf Deputy Championship Director, Toby Thorn, was on hand to ensure a seamless competition with plenty of flags flying!
England Golf proudly supports thousands of clubs and players across the country and always welcomes everyone, whatever stage they’re at in their golfing life. This national competition is for golf club members only and the regional winners will play the finals at Woodall Spa to become 2019 England Golf Team Champions.


1 C Insley / B Brookes / C Tilke / W Rawbon 88
2 S Taylor / W Partridge / R Wood / R Wood 86
3 G Andrews / K Andrews / S Nice / T Nice 84
4 S Harben / A Harben / W Coussens / N Wensley 82
5 D Edwards / J Couch / S Couch / D Edwards 80
6 M Hall / T Wilkes / I Brandon / A Brandon 79
7 R Newns / A Britton / N Markillie / K Markillie 79
8 H Fisher / J White / A Fisher / C White 78
9 C Ricketts / J Millar / K Simpson / C Amos 78
10 H Waterhouse / C Chalmers / F Farren / B Haywood 76
11 D Wright / G Wright / S Biggs / S Biggs 74
12 S Cowan / J Churchley / P Bennett / A Bennett 73
13 R Steane / T Batch / H Bott / J Bott 57

Thanks to England Golf for choosing Cavendish for one of the regional matches and congratulations to all our winners.

Congratulations to all competitors, many of whom travelled considerable distances to experience the famous Cavendish greens and and the beautiful spa town of Buxton. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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