Cavendish Redefined

More as MacKenzie intended

Members will have noticed the many welcome improvements to the course and surrounds over the past 4 weeks, but from mid week a ‘forest’ of short bamboo canes with blue dye around the base have mysteriously appeared all over the course.

The Greens Committee met on Tuesday to implement some important changes to the styling of the fairways and to give the course more visual impact and depth. The canes and blue dye mark the new styling lines.

New Course Manager, Warwick Manning, was delighted to have the expert professional advice from Jonathan Gaunt on the right direction to set for Cavendish.

Jonathan is an international golf course architect and a leading expert on MacKenzie course design; he is a Committee Member of the Alister MacKenzie Society of Great Britain & Ireland and … just happens to be a valued Club Member.

Jonathan has given invaluable pro bono support to the club and was even the face of the club in the CNN feature just two years ago when they did the pre-Masters programme.
If you missed the feature please click to view:

To get the course playing closer to MacKenzie’s intended design, Jonathan has advised the following Phase 1 Plan:

1. Sharper, more visual impact cutting lines
2. Improved cutting profile
3. Join up the approaches to the green with all bunkering
4. Ensure that the bunkers are not isolated in the rough
5. Give the course more visual impact and depth

Warwick and his team are already working to implement Jonathan’s ideas for the start of the season.
These changes will require more ‘thinking’ by members and visitors alike, but provide even more enjoyment, playing MacKenzie’s most authentic course design.

Cavendish is very special and has featured as a TOP 100 Course for the past 4 years in independent assessments by the major golfing magazines. Each year as we approach the Masters at MacKenzie’s USA iconic Augusta National there is renewed interest in MacKenzie’s masterpiece in Buxton.
Cavendish – the Inspiration for Augusta.