Big Foot!

Reception matters

Cavendish Reception is the unofficial ‘heart’ of the club with golfing members and visitors alike all passing through when they visit. Reception Manager Rachel has crafted her own special way to make everyone welcome and feel special … and then getting them to part with as much money as possible before leaving!

Kevin’s Big Lottery Win

Members appreciate that all proceeds help support the club’s finances and most are ready to do their small part to help the club. The Club Lottery at £2 a go doesn’t make any millionaires , but the odds of winning are really good and small regular wins are always very welcome.
The most recent winner was Kevin Thurlow – please no begging letters!

A rather enticing club Prize Draw is once again running in Reception – the chance to win FREE SUBS for 2020 for just £5 a go. With limited spaces available the odds are once again really good and the balancing proceeds all go to helping the club. Our thanks go to ‘Middy’ for introducing this simple idea to the club a few years back.

Foot Note

Reception is gaining a reputation as a place to find a bargain.
And only yesterday Pro Simon was keen to do some rather interesting modelling of the NEW range of FootJoy shoes which had just arrived. At size 24 there may not be many takers for this more petite of shoes. Simon I think it will take a bigger man to fill them!

QED … Reception matters!

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