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Garry FOREcasts a ‘Miserable March’

The warm, settled spell of late February is now just a memory. March has started off on a decidedly unpleasant note. Over an inch of rain fell during the middle of this week as low pressure moved across the country. We’ve avoided a return to the wintry stuff so far, but the outlook is rather chilly, and some snow is possible in the days ahead.

An extensive zone of cold air currently across north America is moving out across the Atlantic in our direction. This is a big change of weather pattern compared to our Mediterranean warmth last week, but it just goes to show what happens when the wind direction changes.

Friday will start cold with frost at dawn. Several hours will be dry, before rain develops through the afternoon, giving 3 to 5mm into the evening.

Saturday:  Chilly wind, rain developing 

If all goes to plan with the timing of weather systems, Saturday’s golfers may well escape with a window of dry weather again. There’s an increasing risk of rain moving in though, so if you’re playing in the afternoon, you have a fair chance of getting wet. A brisk westerly wind too will make things feel chilly – temperature rising from 4C at dawn up to 7C by midday.

Sunday:  Colder, snow and hail showers

Colder air moves in from the west overnight into Sunday, meaning showers are likely to turn increasingly wintry, a mix of sleet, snow and hail. A risk of an icy covering. Cold westerly winds, 15-20mph. Temperatures only 2 to 4C.

Next week: Chilly, frequent rain, some snow

Things are due to stay very unsettled, with several weather systems moving in from the Atlantic. Temperature will be up and down, but never really mild, and often chilly. Some days will see rain, other days the showers will be wintry again. Often windy too. 

Rainfall totals could really start to mount up over the western Peak and Pennines as the westerly winds prevail. Indications suggest that over 5-7 days next week, 100mm (4 inches) or more is possible, so things are going to get rather wet underfoot.

We’re going to have to wait a while for good golfing days to return…

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  1. Garry Nicholson
    Garry Nicholson says:

    Based on latest model forecasts, I wouldn’t be quite so convinced about Saturday’s drier window – I’d have a brolly to hand all day, and prepare to get rather wet! Sunday still looks ‘interesting’ in terms of snow…


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