As MacKenzie Intended

Natural strategic course defences imminent

‘Forest’ of cutting markers around 13th green

In his last update, Course Manager Warwick Manning mentioned the design work taking place to bring more ‘definition’ to the course. Guided by architect and designer Jonathan Gaun,t Warwick and his team started painting certain areas of the course with blue spots and then proceeded to plant a ‘forest’ of cut-down bamboo canes to act as the NEW visual markers for the greens team to follow when cutting out the new approaches to the greens.

This new course strategy brings into play all the humps and hollows and natural contours – just as Dr MacKenzie envisaged back in 1924 when he started the design work on Cavendish. Jonathan and Warwick are bringing back the original design detail he crafted and which were the natural defence for the course.

The media circus is already starting to focus on the world’s most iconic golf course (Augusta National in Georgia, USA) and will once again marvel at its beauty and challenge during the US Masters; but sadly all but a handful of lucky golfers will ever get to experience that challenge. Cavendish members and visitors on the other hand DO get to experience the sheer enjoyment of MacKenzie’s brilliance – every time they play MacKenzie’s ‘Inspiration for Augusta’.

This is a really exciting time for Cavendish Golf Club as our new course manager turns the new strategic vision into practical reality.

Warwick would like to thank his greens staff who have embraced many changes over the last recent weeks and who are helping to achieve the new vision with hard work and dedication. Special thanks also to John Deere for the loan of the specialist cutting machine essential to cut the new approaches.
And thanks once again to Jonathan Gaunt who, with his expert knowledge of Mackenzie design, has been of significant help to us.

Hopefully, sometime soon the golf course will play even more like Mackenzie intended.

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