All hands on deck for maintenance week

The green staff have been busy this week with golf course maintenance projects. Thankfully, the weather has been kind which has meant that so much has been achieved.

All 19 greens have been cored with 5mm diameter tines at close spacing to a depth of 75mm. Once all cores were removed and surfaces blown of debris, Sarrol rolling was carried out in 3 directions to add more aeration holes at a depth of 25mm. Then sanding took place using a pure sand top dressing and brushed into the green upper profile. Finally all greens were vibro rolled to push all remaining sand into the turf canopy and help roll the green surfaces reducing any surfaces disruption.

The intention with the good weather forecast for Thursday is another top dressing and brush that will take place on all greens. It is hoped that the rain predicted for Friday will wash this dressing into all remaining tine holes. In total over 20 tons of sand will be used.

Next week the greens will be sprayed with a nitrogen based liquid feed to help stimulate growth and help quicken up the recovery phase. In addition to the greens, the greens staff took the opportunity to cut, scarify, seed and top dress all the tees. With the current perfect warm and wet climatic condition the seed should ‘pop’ very quickly and help improve grass coverage on these important playing areas.

Warwick would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the Greens staff for their hard work and doing a very professional job, thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped out this week, either by picking up cores or divoting fairways, your help is much appreciated by all of the green staff, and has helped us push on with our work. Also, to Bob for cutting fairways and rough for us this week. It has allowed the green staff to just concentrate on the important maintenance operations, and also kept the course looking sharp and shaped up. Finally, Thank you to the members of Cavendish for your patience whilst this essential work is achieved.

It is hoped that with good weather, all surfaces will recover within the next 10 days.

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