Cavendish Captains for 2020

All change at Cavendish

It was farewell and thanks to Neil Flynn and Linda Green for their excellent year as Cavendish Golf Club Captains for the Men’s and Ladies sections. They handed the roles over to Mike Higgins as Captain and Fiona Wylie as Lady Captain for 2020.

Neil spoke of his pride in representing the club in his role over the past year by wearing his club colours wherever he played. He then passed on the baton to Mike who spoke passionately about being asked to be captain and about the association of the Higgins family with our club. As tradition expects, Mike then announced the Captain Elect for 2021 (Drum roll please…)

Pat Campbell!

Cavendish Captains for 2020 and Men’s Captain Elect, Pat Campbell

The Captains Drive in on Sunday morning was well supported, as was the carvery afterwards. Thank you for everyone who came on the day and showed their appreciation for the 2019 Captains and helped to welcome the 2020 captains to their new roles.

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