2019 Lottery Winners

Caribbean cruises definitely on ‘the list’

Imagine the thrill of being told you are a lottery winner!
Well John Cornwall is still recovering from that (nice) shock and was thrilled to receive his envelope as the first winner of the club lottery in 2019. John is still considering how he will spend his new found wealth, but I’m sure his wife will be able to help him!

John was followed two weeks later by Stuart Robinson who claimed the resulting £75 was “the best £2 he had ever spent”. Both John and Stuart haven’t yet booked the cruise, but are still thumbing through the brochures!

There were only two winners in January because of that ‘white stuff’ which has prevented very much play since Christmas. However, you can be certain that Rachel will be poised to encourage participation, when we return to the Pro Shop!

The club lottery provides some very useful additional income for the club and members’ support is much appreciated.
Please keep up the support as next month ‘It could be Yooouu!”  

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