Australian Visitors Return Home

Contingent rate Cavendish in Top 3

Three weeks ago we welcomed 4 visitors from a another MacKenzie course 10k miles away.

Alex, Rod, Ron and John had heard about Cavendish and made a special point of visiting Buxton after playing the top courses in the North West and before travelling to play the top courses in Scotland including St Andrews Old Course in a prestigious competition.



Organiser Alex Cleave has just advised that after another golfing annual ‘feast’ they will now be returning back to Lake Karrinyup in Perth, Western Australia tomorrow – no doubt to put their feet up and have a rest!!


In his email Alex said the group loved all the courses, but that their favourites were, Formby, Birkdale and Cavendish!  



Cavendish was recently placed 31st in the National Club Golfer’s UK TOP 100 COURSES and it’s great that so many people are recognising Cavendish’s uniqueness.

Thank you guys for this very welcome feedback and we look forward to seeing you again next year when you return.


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