An Historic English Summer?

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Issued: Wednesday 4th July; 22:00
What a summer we are having so far in 2018. England have finally won a penalty shoot-out, we’ve hammered the Australians at cricket and it has forgotten how to rain…

Surely the ‘winning streak’ can’t last? Will the good weather stay with us indefinitely, or will there be a major pattern switch in time for school holidays and Open week?!



Outlook for next week to 10 days:    Dry, sunny and warm
In the short term, there really isn’t much to say, except ‘more of the same’…

There will be lots of warm sunshine each day. It won’t be too humid, and occasionally there will be a refreshing breeze. If it is rain you are after though, then I’m sorry, I can’t find any…

The chances of catching a thundery shower in our part of the world seems minimal. Thanks to persistent high pressure, the reality is that dry weather is here to stay through the weekend, and most likely throughout next week too.

The breeze will come from the north-west Thursday-Friday this week, 7 to 10mph, but for the weekend there looks to be very little wind. Next week looks similarly fairly calm.

Temperatures will often rise into the mid 20s Celsius in Buxton, 24 to 27C most days, with the upcoming weekend looking a few degrees warmer even compared to recent days.

Further ahead (mid-July onward):  Changes?
Many indications continue to favour a shift in weather patterns into mid-July, which could well bring some welcome rain.

The main uncertainty for now is whether this is a ‘blip’ – giving just a few thundery showers and then back to dry weather, or a full-on game-changer where the summer then becomes more broken. I wouldn’t bet against the latter, but for now confidence is quite low.

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Cover photo: Paul Holbrow’s on Captain’s Away Weekend – nice one PH! Too good not to use!

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