Americans Sample Cavendish

‘MacKenzie Trail’ creates demand

The club was very busy today with visiting parties from Marple GC, Sitwell GC, Robin Hood GS and others.
In addition we had two groups of very special visitors from the USA who happened to come on the same day!

Husband and wife Dion and Shannon Giolito from The Club at Arrow Creek, Reno, Nevada, are regular visitors to the UK; they spend 20 days travelling the UK each year around this time and playing many different golf courses.

They hadn’t heard of Cavendish until searching online and came across the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail link and decided to travel from London to play while they were here.

Dion and Shannon were truly bowled-over with the great MacKenzie course and commented that Cavendish was so obviously authentic and loved the playing experience. Dion commented that similar courses were not the norm in the USA and that most have been lengthened or changed. Dion considered that Cavendish was:

“The very essence of a MacKenzie parkland course”

Long standing members Peter Higgins and Bob Turner entertained Shannon and Dion along with Mr Captain.
We look forward to their return in 2018.

Our second USA visitor was Bill Kayma Jr from Georgia.

Bill is an IT specialist and travels the world and just happened to be in Sheffield on Sunday on business and wondered if he could get a game at Cavendish. He made contact from the USA via the Cavendish Facebook pages and enquired whether we could find someone to play with him and get him some clubs.

Rachel made all the arrangements and 2013 Captain and vice President, Stuart Robinson, kindly offered to play with Bill.

Bill was similarly delighted with the course and is also very keen to tell his friends about Cavendish.
Bill lives in Dahlonega, Georgia (about 2 hours drive north of Augusta).
Dahlonega (Cherokee Indian name) has a population of 10k and is famous for being the first Eastern Gold Rush town in 1823.

Many thanks to our visitors, but also to our very generous members who spent time to make our visitors so welcome.



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  1. Bill Kayma
    Bill Kayma says:

    I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mike Watson and Stuart Robinson whom made me feel like royalty while visiting. Great course, great history and great people made this a day I will forever remember.

    Thanks again, and hope to visit again soon!


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