2019 Cavendish FOREcast

Highest pressure in 20 years!

Issued Wednesday 2nd January 2019, 16:00U

It’s been pretty quiet on the weather front through the Christmas and New Year period, and the early days of 2019 will continue the rather benign theme. The reason is a large area of high pressure which currently resides across north-western Europe, and has strengthened recent days to give us one of the highest barometric pressure readings in the past 20 years, around 1045mb. Anything above 1040mb is quite rare. 

When these anticyclonic weather patterns become established, they are often difficult to dislodge, because they create blockages in the system. So for a little while longer, there isn’t going to be much going on with our weather. Little or no rain is expected during the week ahead.

The next couple of days will see areas of low cloud or fog, but also some sunshine breaking through. It will be quite chilly, with top temperatures in the High Peak only around 2 or 3C, and frost staying in the ground out of sunlight. Overnight temperatures will fall below zero where skies clear.

This Weekend (5th-6th Jan):  Dry, chilly, light winds

The first golfing weekend of the year will see quiet weather. Saturday looks the brighter day, with best chance for sun, although there is uncertainty about patchy fog which could spoil things if it forms. Starting around 1C at dawn on Saturday, and only reaching 4C by early afternoon.

Sunday is more likely to be overcast, perhaps with a little dampness in the air as weak weather fronts drift across northern Britain. A little milder at 6C by day. Very light winds over the weekend, westerlies around 5mph or less.

Outlook for next week (7th-13th Jan):      Occasional rain, fairly mild

Things look a bit more mixed, with Atlantic weather systems trying to move in. A little rain may occur some days as southwesterly winds strengthen, but amounts should be small. Temperatures slightly varied, but not overly cold, around 5 or 6C by day, and only occasional frost.

Further ahead:     Will the ‘Beast from the East return?!

Despite a lot of talk in the papers, there’s not yet a clear signal about bitter winter weather arriving any time soon. However, the trends into mid-month and beyond do suggest colder patterns may develop. There’s a lot of winter left yet, so be on your guard for ice and snow in the weeks ahead!

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