2019 Captain’s Drive In

What a great start to their year!

What a fabulous start to the year – NEW Captains, Neil Flynn and Linda Green, organised a superb drive-in event … and even managed to organise the weather!

The drive-in showed that they have ‘nerves of steel’ as they stood up in turn and each drove it out of sight and straight down the fairway. Ageing juvenile (and 2019 Seniors Captain), Ted Shepherd stood in for our Junior Captain – and similarly drove it out of sight … 21 (MA)!

Resident videographer John Bentley captured each moment and you can view on his You Tube Channel (MrBenjay22). John has some irreplaceable footage of Cavendish events going back 30 years and it’s well worth a browse.

A 13 hole mixed Texas Scramble competition followed and was played in very mild conditions for late November – global warming?!!

There was a great atmosphere on the return to the clubhouse where the results were announced.
The winning team comprised:
Vice Captain, Nod Forder, Ken Hall, Dave Crisp and Ladies Secretary Chris Campbell.

The ‘guess the combined driving distance’ competition resulted in a very creditable 517 yards and although nobody got the exact figure, Anthony Lownds and Will MacFarlane each got the number either side and so shared the winnings.

A great start to the year!


Super Sleuth (and Roving Reporter Without Portfolio), Alan (I’ll wear shorts at anytime even though I’m freezin’) Webster, caught outgoing Vice Captain in a moment of confusion as he was preparing to rush over to start on the 7th tee for the shotgun start. Mike’s trolley wouldn’t go and the electrics didn’t respond. They worked much better when he attached his battery!!!

Nobody escapes the AW inquisition!!

Nice one Alan!




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