2018 Grand Finale

Texas, Raffle, Lottery & Rules Bonanza

The final event of 2018 combined a Fun Mixed Texas Scramble with prize draws and a new-rules briefing. Mr Captain made a request for a Taskers Captain to take over from John Heapy. Please contact John if you would like to volunteer or need any more information.

Winners of the Texas Scramble were:
Joint First with 41.6
Eric (the swing) Taylor, Graham Rowlands, John Lomas and Malcolm Forder
Ben Minshall, Kevin Bloor, Colin Moss and Rob Lee
Third with 42.7
Derek Cox, Tony King, Gary Morgan and Brian Lear

Nearest the Pin
4th Malcolm Burgess
15th Mr Captain
17th Bev Wilson

Tina Turner’s ticket was drawn to win the magnificent Christmas Hamper.
Doug Thompson’s name was drawn to win the £300 Christmas Lottery.

With the new R&A Rules about to take effect, M&H approached Member Alan Jones to provide a briefing for members. Alan is a Level 2 qualified referee. Members were very attentive with a lively Q&A at the end. Many thanks Alan.

To conclude Colin Pritchard, M&H Chairman, thanked Alan for his valued contribution.

Colin mentioned a handy Golf Rules Guide which is now widely available and he is recommending to all members to help make the right decisions in general play.

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